Everyday Leadership

7th Mar 2012

I came across this TED talk a couple of days ago. The first couple of minutes really grabbed me. In essence, he’s saying we overcook what leadership is all about. We fall into the trap of making it something special for special people. Opportunity lost, right there.

I read an article some years ago that talked about a school in Melbourne that focused on developing leadership qualities in the students. But they emphasised that it was’about ‘small ‘l’ leadership’, not ‘big ‘L’ Leadership’. That is, get everyone thinking about themselves as someone who demonstrates leadership, moment by moment. Different words, same message.

How often do you fall into the trap of trying to be a big ‘L’ Leader, or develop them? My guess is that it feels like hard work!

Here’s a tip – go easy on yourself. You already have the stuff to be a leader, and so do those around you. Look for the lollipop moments, and act. That’s all it takes.


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