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Successful cultural transformation requires courageous, wise, collective leadership.

We know that traditional, top-down directives don’t work.

These efforts typically result in eye-rolling passivity from the majority of staff, who just want to get on with the job without being distracted by another poster on the wall. With this approach, you’re hard-pressed to generate the collective energy you’re hoping for.

We need a shift in approach. Here’s what that looks like:

Leading Culture is a six to twelve month programme that supports your executive team to lead cultural transformation successfully. It focuses on developing the mindsets and skillsets to enable your desired culture to thrive in the entire organisation, not just at the top.


This programme will help your Executive Team to:

  • Own their role in leading in cultural transformation
  • Know what to focus on, and what not to focus on
  • Identify, empower  and develop your oganisation’s ‘cultural carriers’
  • Use the power of storytelling to engage and inspire
  • Host culture conversations that ignite possibility
  • Grow and learn as cultural leaders


How it works:

  • The team completes an initial leadership culture diagnostic and individual 360 assessments.
  • We meet monthly for half-day workshops where we share culture “Pulse-Checks”, reflect on our own leadership behaviour and how it impacts the culture, address specific Executive Team issues, celebrate wins and successes of how we connected to our people and design and commit to specific next steps for between our workshops.
  • You’ll build the confidence and capability to shape the culture you’d love to have, and see it unfold before your eyes.
  • Leading Culture is a more fluid and tailored programme


“His energy, optimism and courage is infectious.  I would highly recommend Digby as an executive or management coach and/or as a facilitator for teams”

– Frances Turner Executive Director,  Royal New Zealand Ballet

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