Remote Doesn’t Have to Mean Remote

A guide to leading your people when working remotely

In these disrupted times, it’s fairly likely you and / or the people you work with will be working remotely sometime soon.

If you’re in, or anticipating, this scenario, and you’re not sure how best to engage and help your people stay connected and productive, you’re not alone!

Working remotely presents a range of challenges that we don’t tend to encounter in our usual ‘face to face’ environment. When the hallway conversation isn’t on tap, and meeting rooms are just a digital concept, how do you keep things humming?

Join flexible workplace expert Gillian Brookes and I for a pragmatic look at how to best lead and manage your people when they’re scattered far and wide.


How it works:

  • This is a 60 minute webinar
  • For up to 100 participants


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