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Sharing stories, wisdom and inspiration

I am stoked to have been an invited guest on a number of podcasts. The topics have varied, but the quality of the conversation is constant.

I hope you enjoy listening to them, as much as I had fun doing them!

BOOKS THAT WORK – Pilot podcast: Change Makers by Digby Scott

Want a different, engaging way to absorb a book? One of our brilliant #changemakersAnna Hughes, has launched the Books That Work podcast to help you do just that!

In a 25-minute format, Anna:

  • Does a ‘speed read’ of the business book, summarised in 5 minutes
  • Interviews the author about tangible actions or useful things to take from the book
  • Provides a ‘Take 5’ – five usable actions or insights from the book.

And I’m honoured to have the Change Makers book on the first episode! 

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Timson – Interview 9: Digby Scott – Change Makers

I spent a fun afternoon with Tim Morrison as we not only chatted on his podcast, but we also did a photoshoot!  You can see some of the photos here, as well as a transcription of the podcast.

We talked about many things, including:

  • My vision and how has it evolved
  • How I dealt with early setbacks
  • What inspires and motivates me
  • Biggest lessons and what would I do differently

Here are some links:

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The Vulnerability Effect Podcast – Letting Your Guard Down:

Thoroughly enjoyed being on Lotty Robert’s podcast The Vulnerability Effect Podcast.   In our conversation we dove into vulnerability and explored what that looks like:

  • Impact of the ego to steer us into compromised and vulnerable situations
  • What it means to really be awake in life
  • Constantly reassess what matters so that you realise what no longer serves you and what needs letting go of

Listen to the Podcast here:

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Leaning into Possibility:

Chris Desmond has launched a new podcast for our interesting times called Leading Through Challenge. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Learning to see what is actually happening, not what we think is happening
  • Running Minimum Viable Experiments
  • What leaders can be doing during this time of disruption.

It’s an easy, engaging 26-minute listen. Enjoy!

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Episode 141 – How to be a Changemaker with Digby Scott

I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with my good friend Zoe Routh on her podcast.  Here’s what we discussed:
Is there something that really gets your goat? Something that you can’t stop thinking about? Something you are longing to see different in the world? Then you might be a Changemaker. Find out what you can do to satisfy that itch.

Why you should listen:

  • Learn what a Changemaker actually is and if you’ve got the goods to be one (I hope so! We need you)
  • How to find your Big Question as a Changemaker, and how to wrestle it to the ground
  • How to design your world for inspiration – for those Big Ideas

Listen to the podcast here




Episode 054: Conversations with Digby Scott, Author of Change Makers & Leadership Expert

I had the pleasure of being on my good friend Janine Garner’s podcast ‘Unleashing Brilliance’. During our conversation we chatted about: 

  • The importance of expanding perspective in a world of collision and difference
Becoming the author of your own story
  • The need to work out what makes you happy and identify what’s missing
  • And how we all have the potential, through our own behaviours and actions, to help the light shine in other people’s eyes.

Click here to listen to the podcast 


Episode 59: Digby Scott — How Can I Change?

I had a great time being interviewed on Will Fleming’podcast Please Blow My Mind. Will is on a mission to expand our worldview through hosting more honest conversations, and I was happy to help him out! We explored a wide range of topics, including:

  • How to successfully navigate ‘interesting times’
  • The four C’s of change-making
  • Creating real connection with people
  • How to be curious
  • Remember that it’s all invented!

I referenced a couple of resources during our conversation, including:

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Episode  UIOK 142:  Making Change Makers

Yet another great podcast with Chris Desmond. This time we are talking about my book Change Makers: Make your mark with more impact and less drama.

We touched on

  • Why a book now?
  • Who and what is a change maker?
  • Easy way to begin journal practice
  • The power of travel
  • The discomfort around change
  • Thoughts about IMPACTS

You can listen via these links:


UIOK Website 



Episode  UIOK 100:  Digby Scott doing new better

I had the honor of being a part of this milestone, it’s the 100th podcast of Chris Desmond’s Uncomfortable is OK Podcast. We spent the time chatting about how I do new better.

  • Doing new better
  • Exploring your curiosity
  • The difference between diverse and epistemic curiosity and why it pays to have both
  • Daily anchors, what are they and how do they help us?
  • focusing on progress not perfection

Listen via the following the links:

UIOK link


Episode  UIOK  68:  Digby Scott

My first podcast with my mate Chris Desmond had us talking about quite a number of topics, here’s a list of just a few:

  • How I got over my fear of the ocean to where now the ocean is my mistress
  • The distinction between being pulled towards something rather than pushed
  • Doing something every day that terrifies and excites you.
  • Avoiding the flatline of experience and the value of peaks and troughs
  • The importance of consistently showing up
  • The ocean as a metaphor for life
  • Finding the edge and staying true to it
  • Training your courage muscles
  • Shifting the bell curve to the right
  • Cultivating, curiosity, courage, connectedness and conviction

Listen via the following links:

UIOK link