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I know you have what it takes.
I’d love to help you see that too.

Imagine a place where all of your leaders step up, take ownership and drive lasting change.

Imagine a place where people are comfortable with ambiguity, and are able to adapt to whatever’s thrown at them.

Imagine a place where everyone is in optimal delivery mode and is always learning.

Now I want you to imagine partnering with someone who can sit alongside you, take you to the edge of leadership, stretch you, your ideas and your people, and catalyse deliberate action. A partner who pushes you to think and act differently so you and your people can achieve more.

You’ll probably be terrified most of the time. But then you’ll reach the top of the wave, you’ll feel exhilarated and you’ll wish you’d done it sooner.

If you’re a leader who wants to make change happen but constantly feels like you’re on the back foot; if you’re ready but feel like you’ve been waiting too long; if you can see what’s possible for your culture, but you don’t know how to make it happen –


I’ll help you create a thriving team where:

  • You don’t have to choose between getting stuff done AND continuous learning
  • Each individual has the space to be challenged to grow into their best selves
  • And amazing talent aligns their efforts around a common purpose

As my clients would say – I’m grounded, willing to challenge the status quo and have the inexhaustible and infectious energy to help you make it happen.


The question is – are you ready?

“Digby’s not content with running status quo leadership development programmes.  He’s all about enabling people to make their greatest impact and has a knack for pushing people to think bigger, be bolder and to accelerate your development in the places where you feel the most discomfort.”

Catherine Hall – Manager Organisational Development


Need a circuit breaker? Let’s challenge your people’s thinking for higher level ‘doing’.

My tailored workshops are a great starting point for you, your people and their specific challenges and goals. Your people will get fresh thinking and actionable tools that they can immediately apply.

This is for you if you need to be inspired, learn new skills and be reenergised so you can go and tackle whatever’s thrown at you.

Walk away feeling:

  • Equipped
  • Inspired
  • Confident

Walk away with:

  • The tools to get the outcome you need
  • A hit-the-ground-running plan for deliberate action
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Want a bigger shift over a longer period of time? Let’s create a tailored approach for sustainable change.

My team and I work alongside you to tailor one of my proven programmes so you get what you need. Together we’ll create the conditions for your leaders to enable your culture to thrive.

This is for you if you’re committed to creating sustainable cultural change over a longer period of time, and you’re looking for a partner to work alongside you and your people to achieve this.

You’ll get:

  • Highly capable people who can adapt to whatever’s thrown at them
  • People who are well-led, thriving and doing their best work
  • People who embrace networks to enable fast-flowing, innovative ideas and problem solving

What this means for your organisation:

  • You’ll be ‘future fit’ – proactive and creating more of what you want to happen, rather than just weathering the storm
  • You’ll be agile – able to adapt more quickly as your context changes and go from idea to execution faster
  • You’ll have people that want to stick around and see what you can achieve together
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Digby is a thought-provoking and vibrant speaker who challenges your audience to think differently.

He’ll work with you to tailor each keynote according to your goals, so the key messages land and your people are inspired to step up and take new action well beyond the event.

This is your opportunity to create an environment that is both powerful and game-changing for you, your people and your organisation.

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Digby Scott Mentoring


Each year I have the honour of working one-on-one with four people who are wanting to make an outsized impact.

You’ll need to be willing to step into discomfort, be committed to finding your authentic voice and be curious to discover what’s possible.

More about Mentoring

“Digby provides inspiration of thought, techniques and courage for people to reach beyond their current selves to identify and develop themselves as leaders and change leaders. His energy, optimism and courage is infectious.  I would highly recommend Digby as an executive or management coach and/or as a facilitator for teams.”

Frances Turner Executive Director, Royal New Zealand Ballet

“Digby brings energy that engages the participants and with such a depth of knowledge and insight is able to work with and address the needs of the individuals in the room while delivering the desired outcome.”

Stephanie White, Director Organisational Development Programmes, NZ Defence Force

“Digby just gets better and better every year. His work with leaders is outstanding – respectful, empowering but challenging when needed.”

Raewyn Pointon, Interim Director Leadership Development Centre

“I’ve been working with Digby for the past eight years and keep coming back to work with him.  Why? Because he’s a man on a mission to push the boundaries of leadership development – and he does this in a completely authentic way.  Digby’s not content with running status quo leadership development programmes.  He’s all about enabling people to make their greatest impact and has a knack for pushing people to think bigger, be bolder and to accelerate your development in the places where you feel the most discomfort.  That’s the impact he makes, and he does it pretty darn well.”

Catherine Hall - Manager Organisational Development
“Digby presented a Webinar for our Future of Leadership program and it was awesome! He was a pleasure to work with leading up the Webinar and on the day, he definitely delivered! His content was well thought out and very practical, and the audience was engaged for the entire hour. I would highly recommend Digby to any organisation looking to wow their audience”.
Emma Chase, Event Manager, Hands Group - Future of Leadership 

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