Let me tell you about life as a corporate rebel.

Chapter 1: Bored

In 1992 I was a bored chartered accountant who was responsible for auditing big publicly listed companies. I felt that there had to be more to life than this, and had an inner drive to go and discover more. So I left the safety of the secure yet anaemic career in accounting and set off on an adventure to see what was possible.

Chapter 2: Bold

Over the coming years I worked all over the world including running a ski rental shop, slaving as the commercial salmon fisherman, taught windsurfing, went busking with my favourite guitar, grew my hair out, embraced the 90s and got that earring (that I was incredibly proud of at the time).

Eventually I realised I needed to re-engage my brain and ended up in London working for a major recruitment company getting jobs for accountants in big investment banks.

I ran away wanting adventure, to buck the system, to find out what’s possible, but then I ended up working back in the same big old corporate system again.

Chapter 3: Burnout

After a couple of years and realising that London wasn’t my long term game, I set off on more travel and eventually landed in New Zealand. I was offered the opportunity to become the National Manager for a multi-national recruitment company and my ego said “YES!”  Being relatively inexperienced and without a lot of support, I ended up burning out big time after only a couple of years.

This lead me to an early mid-life crisis at the age of 30 where I was forced to really examine what I was about and what I really wanted out of life. That period of introspection and exploration lead me on the path that I’m still on today, 20 years later. And now let me tell you how I harnessed all of this to create a thriving life that allows me to shape the future and not just respond to it

Chapter 4: Rebel vs Prefect

I thought I could only have one or the other –

1) Be the REBEL – the untamed lone wolf, true to myself, an individual thinker so I could buck the system or;

2) Be the PREFECT – be responsible, agree to the rules of the game, be a team player and become part of the system so I could influence it.

What I’ve learned is that fusing our inner rebel and inner prefect together is what creates effective, adaptable change-agents who are able  not just respond to change, but to create it.

Over the last 20 years I’ve seen how deliberately cultivating an adaptable nature from these two fused parts has completely transformed my restless go-getting clients allowing them to make their mark and contribute to a better world.

We get to choose our futures. Do we shrink back and play it safe, or do we learn how to adapt, lean in to discomfort and rise above, paving the way for others to do the same?

Whatever it is for you, I’m ready to partner with you and show you how to fuse your inner rebel and prefect together, how to ride the waves and how to make the difference you want to make.

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Belinda Wilson is the behind the scenes, ‘make it happen’ person in my practice. As my Business Manager she keeps the business humming along so that I can focus on bringing you my most brilliant stuff. Most importantly she loves looking after our clients, getting you the help you need pronto and giving you exceptional service so that everything is efficient and seamless for you.

“I love being the person who not only makes life easier for Digby, but I’m here to do that for our clients as well.

For me it’s about cultivating great relationships so that you know and feel our team’s wholeheartedly supporting you.” – Belinda Wilson

Ever heard the saying many hands make light work? Jasmine Salter is the
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“Coming from a community background, I love listening to individuals who are exploring a question or issue bigger than themselves
who speak with utter purpose-driven conviction.  As I get to help Digby shape his story, I also get to help individuals on their journey
no matter how big or small.” – Jasmine Salter