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Change Makers is designed to help strengthen your thinking, your connections, and your courage to significantly amplify your impact to make change happen in your world.

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What is Change Makers?

Change Makers is a programme for restless go-getters on a mission to make a difference.

The programme is designed to help strengthen your thinking, your connections, and your courage to significantly amplify your impact to make change happen in your world.

Change Makers starts with Foundation – our public programme and over six months you’ll join a diverse group with a shared attitude and empathy for change, putting their change agenda, and themselves, under the microscope.  

You’ll develop the skill sets, mindsets, and networks that enable you to navigate the territory of making sustainable change happen. 

This is not your typical leadership development programme. Founder, Digby Scott is a creative, curious and master communicator, and has a unique perspective on the leadership and workplace challenges that we are all trying to navigate. 

Through inquisitive practice and authorship of transformational ideas, we have created a programme and a community delivered with openness, and authenticity so people can move forward with purpose that calls them to action.  



Our suite of Change Makers Programmes:


Change Makers Foundation

  • The Change Makers Foundation Programme runs over six months and is designed to accelerate your cultural transformation.
  • Our flagship programme designed for leaders and change-makers who are ready to turbocharge their impact and influence.
  • We meet as a group every six weeks for intensive learning, critiquing and planning workouts.
  • Our days together include sharing successes and failures, identifying lessons learned, fresh perspectives from guest speakers, ‘Change Maker under the spotlight’ sessions, peer coaching, and action planning.
  • You’ll work with a mentor throughout the programme.
  • Participants receive a fortnightly dose of inspiration in their inbox, and access anytime to Digby via email and phone.
  • Between workshops, you’ll keep momentum by getting involved in a number of useful activities, including an interactive webinar, home group sessions and practical elective sessions.
  • The total contact time is five days plus five mentoring sessions.
  • A huge resource library of videos, templates, articles and tools.


What happens in the programme?

It’s a blend of getting it and doing it:

Getting It: We share and dissect successes and failures, and highlight lessons learned in a confidential environment. We listen to in-depth stories from guest conversationalists who share their own change-making insights. Through a blend of structured activities and relaxed conversation, we seek out, and gain, inspiration in our own stories and challenges, and those of others.

Doing It: We learn practical tools and methods to apply in our own context. We develop a plan for what we each will do between our meetings, which we call ‘workouts’. Between workouts, it’s all about implementation. Interactive webinars, home groups and practical elective sessions are scheduled mid-way between workouts help to keep the energy and focus up.



To sign up to Change Makers Foundation programme and get all of the above, your investment is $5,500 + GST


Next Start date

Start the programme by joining the next Change Makers Foundation full-day workout on Thursday 1 December, hosted at The Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club in Wellington.  Thereafter, we have the following workouts scheduled in 2023:

  • Thursday 2 February 2023
  • Thursday 9 March 2023
  • Thursday 13 April 2023
  • Thursday 25 May 2023





Invitation to join Change Makers Amplify

Once you’ve completed your six-month Change Makers Foundation programme, you have the opportunity to continue on with the programme for another six or twelve months, by joining the Change Makers Amplify Community. 

Amplify is about continuing to strengthen your mindset, skillset and network with members of Change Makers Alumni so you keep your change mojo strong.




Change Makers Co-Lab: our commitment to building a thriving community of Change Makers


A capable and passionate community is always evolving. They aren’t immune from testing situations – but adapt and become stronger as they find strength in numbers. 


In 2021, Digby Scott launched Co-Lab – an online hub for Change Makers. A space where change leaders can bring all of themselves and belong to a thriving community that provides a sense of camaraderie and connectedness.


Digby’s vision was to build a home for Change Makers to connect 24/7, long after the whiteboard was cleaned and the workshop post-its were packed away. Wanting to mirror the power of a Change Makers workout, the focus was to create a high level of trust where people’s contributions were valued and space to apply learnings and develop new ones – all driven by the community’s understanding of how their work connects to others and adds value to the whole. 


Co-Lab has been created to invest in the collective success of each Change Maker. 




Interested – but have a few questions?

Let’s connect you with Digby for a chat to learn more about Change Makers and whether this programme is right for you. Email business manager Tereska Lepionka-Carroll – to book a time.

See how Change Makers makes a difference.

“Through Change Makers I’ve gone from being restless and scattered about where I want to put my energy to being crystal clear about the change I want to see. Now I’ve got that clarity I am really focused and committed to the change contribution I want to make, now and in the future. A critical ingredient of Change Makers is the tribe. I’m now part of a team that supports, encourages, challenges and shares in each others’ change agendas. This has to be the best part of the programme!”

Gillian Brookes, Founder & Director of My Kids Village

“Change Makers is unlike any other development programme I have experienced before. Digby has cultivated a network of people who are all motivated to make change happen, and given us the space and tools to really push the boundaries of our thinking. It’s an opportunity to grow your personal and professional resilience, to grow and challenge ideas, and to connect with an inspirational and supportive group of people”.

Claire Baillie, Manager Communications, Ministry for Culture and Heritage

“The Change Makers tribe relishes uniqueness, welcomes different perspectives, and maximises our diversity.   I look forward to every Change Makers workout and the opportunity it provides to ‘step off the world’ for a day, refocus, reset, then enter again more refreshed, purposeful and invigorated.”

Lisa Allen - Coach, Facilitator, Contractor

“I’ve been in the Change Makers tribe since December 2017 and I found the experience truly transformational. It most definitely isn’t a standard course and it is so much more than a development programme. It is an opportunity to learn together with a group of like-minded people who are busy building a better world through meaningful connections, sincere conversations and unabated curiosity.
Being part of Change Makers pushed me out of my comfort zone and brought me into the mindset of growth, spirit of servant leadership and made me realise that there are a lot of people out there who consciously work on becoming better versions of themselves every day. Who knew?Oh, they are also a quirky, cool and funny bunch who do great things and have each other’s backs. Always.A word of warning – nothing will be ever the same when you become a Change Maker.”

Ewa Ginal-Cumblidge, Business Development Manager, Change Makers alumni