Unusual times call for exceptional leadership, where our task is
to replace fear and overwhelm with hope and action.



UNITE is your gateway to the wisdom shared during the extraordinary VID19 conference. Over 19 days, 172 leading thinkers and experts from around the world generously shared their best ideas. This book brings together thirteen of those courageous leadership messages, artfully curated by VID19’s creator and host Julia Steel.

Positive, powerful and practical, the insights shared are a beacon to help you navigate the way ahead.

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Digby’s chapter, titled Changing The Game, is about how to change the game you’re playing by rewriting the rules when the old ones don’t serve you anymore.

$34.99 AUD



“It takes strength to navigate chaos and uncertainty. To overcome obstacles and provide a platform for others to make a difference. By stepping up during Covid-19, Julia brought thousands of people across the globe together. This book showcases what is possible when we unite and will inspire you to step up too.”

— Julie Trell, Head of muru-D, Telstra. Australia Country Lead, SheEO

“When faced with uncertainty, nearly all of us feel the fear that comes with it. But if you can take action despite the fear, you’ll live a life less ordinary and be the leader your people need. This book shows us how.”

Dr Alicia Aitken, Head of Investment & Delivery, ANZ

“When faced with uncertainty, we have a choice. To play it safe and distance ourselves from the problem, or to rise up and lean-in with others.”

Matt Church, Founder, Thought Leaders and author of Rise Up: An evolution in leadership

“In this book, Julia has brought together global thought leaders to create a timely reminder that today’s problems are best solved together – united!”

Dr Kelly Windle, Vice-President Organisational Capability, BlueScope Steel