How To Play With Fire

The vast majority of organisations put too much leadership development emphasis on people who are already in traditional leadership roles, and not enough on the people who are the promise of the future.

Imagine a fire. The hottest part of the flame is at the bottom, not the top. The top gets all the attention, but the bottom is where the real energy is.

You want to be able to harness and use the energy of the people nearer the bottom for positive change. Don’t snuff it out before it gets going.

This talk will invite you to explore the untapped potential in your organisation or industry, and how you can harness it to thrive.


You’ll learn:

  • That top-level leadership can’t know it all. We need multiple perspectives on today’s gnarly problems.
  • To think ‘network’, not ‘hierarchy’. Organisations are just groups of people getting together to do good work. Let them do that. Minimise anything that gets in the way.
  • The tools to combine delivery and discovery: go beyond KPI’s to focus on continuous learning.
  • The mind-set to play the short game and the long game: deal with the present while building for the future.
  • To create the conditions for people to thrive.


Best suited for:

Audiences who are looking to tap into innovation, shift culture and create a more agile, future-proofed organisation.

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