Change Makers make the future.

Be one of them.

Are you asking any of these questions?

  • How can I change how stuff gets done around here?
  • How can I make a difference?
  • How can I stay true to myself amidst the chaos?
  • How can I learn to say no?
  • How do I get traction and make my mark?

If so, then this book is for you.


Making change happen can be a difficult, lonely job. It can feel like being in a maze, wading through treacle. If you’re trying to drive change in your organisation, and you feel like a lone voice, Change Makers is for you.

This book will help you to:

  • Sharpen your focus.
  • Amplify your voice.
  • Play it a little less safe.
  • Build your tribe.
  • Get the traction on your change agenda that you’ve been looking for.


We get to choose our futures. Do we shrink back and play it safe, or do we learn how to adapt, lean into discomfort and rise above, paving the way for others to do the same?  This book’s about the second choice. Your call.






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“I love this! A model for changing your mindset to effect greater change, with practical tools and enough examples to illustrate but not labour the point”.


“Change Makers: Make Your mark With More Impact and Less Drama has challenged me to be more deliberate and intentional about the change I want to create”.




“Change Makers is with a number of different frameworks, models and ideas, Digby gets the reader to question the impact that we are making, the things that are stopping us and then provides the challenge for us to take the next steps. I recommend it”.

“I love how Digby tackles the ‘why’ and ‘how’ to make change from so many different angles to suit where people are at and where they want to go. There’s something for everyone in this book! “

“Change Makers grabbed my attention right from the introduction. This is a smart, practical and so-easy-to-read book.”

“Change Makers is the go-to resource for people who want to make a difference; to have more impact with less drama”.


A word from the author



Digby is known as a thought leader and practitioner who brings a fresh approach to organisational and leadership development. He works with ‘restless go-getter’ organisations and leaders to transcend mediocrity and embrace vibrancy by helping people to think and act in new ways so that they nail it.

An interview with Simon Dowling



Talking about ‘Change Makers: Make Your Mark With More Impact and Less Drama’


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It is a book that is an enjoyable read with a number of interesting examples, case studies and stories of people that Digby has coached and worked with. The book makes you take the time to stop, reflect and question how you are making change happen.

Alistair McDonald

Every section is easy to digest, with useful, practical tools for figuring out what your current impact is and setting yourself some challenges to increase your impact. Read it beginning to end, or dive into the area most relevant to you as a Change Maker right now.

Jeremy Leslie

Change Makers grabbed my attention right from the introduction. This is a smart, practical and so-easy-to-read book. Digby has cleverly captured those things that challenge us, keep us from progressing in our careers and really making an impact, and shows us a way to navigate those blockers.

Mary Butler

I lead a people and culture team and use the content in this book to grow personally as well as helping people in my organisation to “lift above the maze”.

Katie Hair

“You cannot ‘not’ make an impact”. The first sentence breathes life into anyone who has passionately attempted to make positive change and hit hurdles. A real affirmation that your efforts and passion are valuable.

Tania Janssen

This practical, insightful guide (with provocative and helpful frameworks, stories and references) challenges thinking and action; to “fuse our inner rebel and prefect together…. to create and ride the next wave of change.”A good read and a great resource.

Michelle McCormack

Clear and elegant process to follow to see your personal stance on change and how to best make the most of (a) how you’re perhaps predisposed to confront change, and (b) how best to tackle it with you clearly in charge. Very clever. Loved it!

Callum McKirdy

Digby Scott’s new book is a clarion call for whom he calls “restless go getters”. In it he outlines the journey to becoming a change maker, someone inspired by the future they imagine and want to bring others along too. If you’ve ever felt alone in wanting to nudge positive change forward, this book is for you. I love Digby’s writing – his conviction and encouragement seeps through the pages.

Zoe Routh