Language for Impact Training

Where Language Goes, Culture Follows



Where language goes, culture follows. The Language for Impact card deck is a powerful tool to have conversations about the culture you want to create, and to identify the language that both inhibits and enables it.


This engaging, hands-on activity is ideal for you if you want to:

  • Shift your people from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset
  • Create a culture where people have large doses of personal agency
  • Develop leaders who can coach others to take more ownership and initiative
  • Create a buzz in your team or organisation around the possibility and potential that exists
  • Be more influential, valuable and impactful for those you serve


“I love these cards – the design is easy for everyone to follow, and as conversations start flowing the facilitator can add layers of depth to increase richness of discussion and deepen understanding about why our words matter. Put simply – it’s fun and it works!”  – Katie Hair, Manager, People and Culture


The Language for Impact card deck has been used with thousands of people in a wide range of settings. Within a matter of minutes, you can get people having a rich conversation about language, behaviours, mindset and culture. The deck helps people cut through the noise and identify the most potent language that will positively shift culture.

We’re now offering you the opportunity to learn how to lead a Language for Impact conversation. You’ll get to:

  • Experience the process and learn how to run it yourself
  • Receive your own Language for Impact kit, including a card deck, activity template and instructions
  • Have a group follow-up call a month later to help you refine your approach

    Workshop Details:

    Next workshop date TBC.

    Please contact us to register your interest.

    Thanks in advance!

    “The conversations I’ve had through using this card deck has helped me think a lot more about the power of language. I’m more deliberate now about the words I choose every day.”  – Gillian Brookes, Founder and Director, My Kids Village



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