As we near the end of 2016, I’ve summarised a few gems that you might find useful to dip in and out of:

My Top Five Most Popular Blog Posts of 2016

  1. A Map to Change: How to make a behaviour change by getting ‘under the hood’.
  2. Shine A Light: Show people their potential and help them thrive.
  3. How To Tip The System: Make change at scale by finding the leverage points.
  4. Networking For When It’s All Too Hard: Take the pressure off, and focus on creating a network that works for you.
  5. Meta Skills For Interesting Times: The three skills to cultivate to thrive in ‘interesting times’.

My Top 5 Books

  1. Deep Work by Cal Newport. If you want to produce any form of high-quality, creative work, you need to learn how to get fully immersed without distraction. This book shows you how.
  2. Mastering Leadership by Bob Anderson and Bill Adams. One of the more thoughtful, evidence-based books how to shift and deepen mindsets in ways that allow more powerful, authentic leadership to emerge.
  3. How To Make Gravy by Paul Kelly. A collection of insightful memoirs and rich observations of human behaviour and relationships by one of Australia’s greatest songwriters. One to dip in and out of.
  4. Zero To One by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters. Learn to ask the questions that lead you to find value in unexpected places. A good one for Change Makers.
  5. Smart Work by Dermot Crowley. A brilliant, practical book that’s shaped my whole approach to getting stuff done with less friction.

My Top Five Jargon Words or Phrases that are awaiting a better replacement

  1. Capability
  2. Core Competency
  3. Leader
  4. Human Resources
  5. Move Forward

My Top Five Favourite Quotes or Mantras

  1. Meet ‘em where they’re at. Come down off your stage. If you ‘meet people where they’re at’ and understand their mindset, questions, concerns, you can connect with them and take them somewhere.
  2. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Slow down and focus on your movements. This will help you master any skill, and will help you be better at it when you need to move fast. Focus, take your time, and keep moving forward.
  3. Be the flower, not the bee. Don’t hustle. Be known for something that us unique, valuable and authentic enough for people seek you out.
  4. It ain’t the knowing, it’s the growing. A quote from the Tishamingo song ‘Travel On’.
  5. Say ‘No’ unless it’s ‘Hell Yeah’. For those over-busy people, learning to live this is the key. Easy to say, harder to do. I’m still working on it. It’s my favourite Derek Sivers quote.

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Go well.


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