Most days when I’m home in Wellington, I take a three minute walk down my street to the local coffee shop for a fix. And not just a fix of coffee. Also a fix of inspiration.

This morning, my good man Roger and I chatted away as he made my usual flat white. And then he asked me, “So, are you being a babysitter or a visionary today?” Smack, right there in the face.

I took two things from that conversation:

  1. I LOVE the challenge in that question. You’ll know that I’m all about growing more change-makers in the world. So I’m passing that question on to you to reflect on. Are you being a babysitter (just keeping things safe) or a visionary (creating a better future) today?

  2. Sources of inspiration can come from anywhere. We often think ‘I need to be more inspired’ and go searching in all sorts of places (retreats, books, drugs) to find it. But the ‘secret source’ is often right there in front of us, in the tapestry of our daily lives.

What’s your secret source? I’d love to hear where you find inspiration in your daily life.


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