I just watched Seven Years in Tibet. Brad Pitt stars as a headstrong mountaineer who becomes a prisoner-of-war in 1930’s Tibet. After multiple solo attempts, he escapes by teaming up with his fellow prisoners. When he’s out, he says “I’m going it alone” and runs off into the wilderness.

Yet another movie upholding individual heroism. Blah.

That’s still the narrative in our society today. Individual heroism reigns. But it’s not how it works.

If you want to make change happen, there’s an easier way.

Like a lot of us, I’ve been doing it tough recently. Demons in my head. Energy tanks low. Feeling inertia.

Guess what? When I seek help, people offer. Demons quieten. Energy goes up. A new path opens. I’m moving again. This time, with a crew.

Don’t do it alone. Brad Pitt escaped inertia with the help of others. So can you.

Change Makers Co-Lab brings change-agents together to support and stretch each other to navigate the territory of change-making. We have more impact with less drama when we’re together.

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