Lately, I’ve been writing about creating space. I’ve realised that there are two forms of this practice that we need to master:

ME space: Getting away. Taking time out. Retreating. Escaping.

WE space: Creating space for others to pause, reflect, make sense and decide.

Here’s another way of thinking about it:

ME space = ‘leaving’,

WE space = ‘leading’.

When ‘busy’ is our default mode, ‘leaving’ becomes our default alternative. Go go go. Stop. Recover. Repeat.

As leaders, we need to allow ourselves and others to ‘leave’ from time to time. And we also need to create space in the work, not just away from it.

Leading is about helping others to be in it differently.

Leading is about creating a pause at the start of the meeting to check in on how we’re doing, rather than just diving into the agenda.

Leading is about asking “what do we need right now to keep our energy high?” rather than simply driving through.

Leading is about sharing your observations of what’s happening in the moment, rather than just focusing on the task at hand.

Create pauses.

Ask different questions.

Share your observations.

These are all ways to create space for others to do their best work.

How can you create space for others today?


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