I’ve just polled the Change Makers community about how they feel about the latest Covid lockdown in New Zealand. Here are the preliminary results:

This picture shows a fairly strong leaning towards ‘amazing opportunity’. In people’s comments below the poll, most people reported that they had somewhat mixed feelings. That’s how I’m feeling too.

I’m kind of torn. A part of me wants to grab this opportunity and go hard to offer webinars and other virtual support to my clients and community. That’s what I did last year when the first lockdown hit. It was a full-on, really rewarding, a total adrenaline rush, and totally draining towards the end.

Another part of me wants to pull back, stop, and use this time to regroup and reflect. To hang with family, research, write and go deep on some thinking. I love this space and I don’t make enough time for it in my ‘normal’ life.

If you’ve read my recent Unhurried post, you’ll be familiar with the infinite loop that these two scenarios reflect. Making the first choice can lead to too much time in the Exhaustion box, and making the second can lead to an overkill of Observation.

Either way, this lockdown presents us all with an opportunity.

How will you use your lockdown time?

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