Organisation Workshop

Unleashing the power of systems leadership.



The Organisation Workshop (OW) is high impact experiential learning centered on the acclaimed work of Barry Oshry.  Find out below how you can book your place on the next OW workshop.

The Wellington based Organisation Workshop is an experiential exploration of the predictable system patterns in organisation life that usually go unnoticed but have a huge impact in getting in the way of our individual and collective success.  This systemic approach to leadership enables participants to see beyond the individual and interpersonal aspects of problem situations and understand the systemic conditions that drive behaviour. 

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This workshop’s broad application has made it a core element of the Accelerate: Strategic leadership development programme.  To learn more about the Accelerate: Strategic programme click here.


‘The Organisation Workshop, with its focus on collaborative leadership, has been the most impactful nation-wide leadership programme I have ever implemented. It enabled thought and people leaders at all levels of this organisation to gain empathy and insights into the challenges and opportunities at different leadership levels, as we worked collectively towards our business outcomes”.       – Selena Bernath


Book your place at the next Organisation Workshop (Wellington):

     Date:  2 August 2022

     Venue:  Royal  Port Nicholson Yacht Club, Wellington

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In this workshop you will:
  • Be more in touch with the issues others in your organisation are facing – understand more and blame less
  • Gain insights into your personal reactive patterns and limiting assumptions
  • Learn strategies for creating and maintaining successful partnerships up, down and across organisational lines
  • Develop greater capacity and resilience to operate in situations of complexity, conflict and turbulence.


Some applications of the workshop include:
  • Leadership development
  • Supporting culture change and empowerment
  • Improving cross-functional effectiveness
  • Strengthening the power and contribution of middle managers
  • Creating leaders who think systemically
  • Making teams effective
  • Creating great partnering relationships with customers and supply chain


“I found the Organisation Workshop to be challenging, stimulating and thought provoking.  The content forced people out of their comfort zone and challenged their way of thinking and perceptions about power and authority. Through our simulated roles we experienced the power of working at a different level of organisational leadership and decision making.  Participants spoke about the workshop for many months and I observed significant positive change in people’s behaviour.  I highly recommend this experience to senior leaders, aspiring leaders and those that want to explore the benefits of being courageous and challenging the status quo in their lives or organisations”.    – Jill Bond, Chief Executive

Organisations benefiting from Oshry’s systemic work include: