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Change Makers Amplify

As you near the completion of your Change Makers Foundation programme, you might be wondering ‘what’s next?’

Many people ask the same question! Once you get a taste of what’s possible, it’s natural to want to keep the momentum up and perhaps go even bigger. That’s what Change Makers Amplify is all about. 

Change Makers Amplify is designed to help you amplify your impact, go bigger and scale-up with the power of the Change Makers tribe behind you. The Foundation programme has built your momentum by equipping you with the skills, tools, and mindset to be a Change Maker centred around your big question. Amplify takes that to the next level.

Foundation is the Seeker to Player journey. Amplify is about Player to Maker.


What happens in Amplify?

When you join Amplify, it’s a bit of a different game. While we’ll use the same language and many of the same tools, the workouts will have a lot more stretch for you. You’ll be working with people who have all ‘done the work’ to be a Player. You’ll be asked to think bigger, go deeper, challenge more, contribute more, and be more vulnerable. All in service of amplifying your impact as well as the impact of others in the tribe. It’s a powerful place if you’re ready to go there. You’re still part of the wider Change Makers community and welcome to join the webinars and electives. Being a part of the Amplify community is also your path to becoming a Change Makers mentor if that’s of interest to you.

In the Amplify programme, you’ll notice a lot of things that feel familiar to what you already know:

  • We get together every six weeks to work on our stuff
  • We use the same language and tools
  • We bring in stimulating thinkers and change-makers to lift up our thinking
  • We work in a high-trust environment with plenty of ako

What’s different is:

  • There’s a lot more collaboration and joining-up together for projects
  • You’re more self-directed
  • There’s a higher degree of inquiry, challenge and mutual support
  • Everyone in the group plays a leadership role of some sort
  • Amplify residential retreats where we go bigger and deeper as a tribe than there is space to go in Foundations

What do I get?

You can subscribe to Amplify for six or twelve months. You get:

  • Dedicated workouts for 6 to 12 months (approximately 5-10 workouts), depending on your subscription
  • Rich, targeted sessions co-designed by the Amplify tribe
  • The opportunity to accelerate your development by doing a ‘Show Your Work’ session in a workout
  • The opportunity to lead conversations for the whole tribe at the workouts and/or on webinars
  • The opportunity to develop your mentoring and training skills
  • Continue to attend webinars and electives


The investment is:

6 months = $3,000 + GST

12 months = $4,500 + GST

If you want to:

Scale your impact

Change the game

Deepen your self-awareness


Then Amplify is your next game

What’s next?

Email to sign up to Amplify or to arrange a chat about how it can work for you.