Welcome to the Change Makers Amplify Community

I’m amped you’ve decided to stay on as part of the tribe!


What’s The Purpose of Amplify?

Amplify is about continuing to strengthen your mindset, skillset and network so you keep your change mojo strong. At this point, you’ve come a long way to establishing yourself as a ‘Player’. Now it’s time to consolidate that and make the shift to ‘Maker’.

As a result, you contribute to a stronger and broader network of highly capable, thriving change makers in the world. And you make a bigger impact.

What Happens in Change Makers Amplify?

When you join Amplify, it’s a slightly different game. While we’ll use the same language and many of the same processes as you’re used to, the workouts will have a greater level of stretch in them. You’ll be working with people who have all ‘done the work’ to be at Player. You’ll be asked to think bigger, go deeper, challenge more, contribute more, and be more vulnerable. All in service of amplifying your impact and that of those in the community. It’ll be powerful and productive. You’ll also continue to join the webinars and be on Co-Lab. Being a part of the Amplify community is also your path to becoming a Change Makers mentor, if that’s of interest to you.

Here’s what you get:

  • Dedicated workouts for 6 to 12 months (approximately 5-10 workouts), depending on your subscription.
  • Rich, targeted sessions and processes with mentors and others at your level
  • The opportunity to accelerate your development by doing a ‘Show Your Work’ session in a workout (more detail below)
  • The opportunity to lead conversations for the whole tribe at the workouts and / or on webinars
  • The opportunity to develop your mentoring and training skills
  • Continue to attend webinars
  • Continue to contribute to Co-Lab
  • Mentoring


Show Your Work

The idea for ‘Show Your Work’ is to accelerate your development as a Change Maker through stepping into a heat experience. You’d share an aspect of how you’re going about making change happen in your world, draw out your insights and lessons that apply to change making more generally and seek feedback and assistance from the tribe. This approach can take multiple forms (e.g. pitch your idea, tell your story, share your strategy). We provide support to help you prepare your session so you nail it.


Leading Conversations

One way to accelerate your own development and contribute to the tribe is to lead a conversation at a workout or on a webinar. This would be on something you think would contribute to building change-maker insight and ability, and something you’re across. Digby will help you prepare for the session.



You’ll have the opportunity to receive mentoring as required from the experienced mentors in the tribe.

The spirit of mentoring is all about Ako: in mentoring, you’re both teachers and learners together. Mentoring is as much about your own growth as it is about another’s growth.

The focus of the mentoring is to:

  • Provide a safe and challenging space for you to develop and grow
  • Provide an accountability mechanism (did you do what you said you’d do?)
  • Accelerate your journey from Player to Maker.

The Amplify community is very much one that works in the spirit of co-design, so what’s listed above is just a start. Who knows what else we might come up with!


So, What’s Next?

Please complete your answers to the questions below before the next workout. They will help you crystallise what Change Makers Amplify will be about for you, and let us know your intentions.


Amplify Questionnaire

Please complete your answers to the questions below before the next workout.



I’m looking forward to being a part of your continued Change Makers journey!