Change Makers – Celebrating Milestones

Change Makers journey

When a Change Maker leaves the programme, or moves into the Amplify Community. We celebrate this milestone by marking the occasion with a token of appreciation for their contribution to the tribe so far and to celebrate their progress during the programme.

We put together a kete from the tribe; with small notes/images/gestures of appreciation for them as the fabulous Change Makers they are.

We ask that you put some thought into what you’d like to say to that person, and ‘represent’ this in some way. It may be words (on a post-it, napkin, whatever), a drawing/cutout, an object, or whatever really speaks to you to share with them to take away as a small personal momento and reflection as they move into the next step on their Change Maker journey.

Please bring your thoughts, objects (whatever it may be) along with you to the upcoming workout.  We’ll have a small kete there to put your contribution into. Here’s a few words just as a starter for ten to get those juices flowing:


We present the kete to the person/s at the end of the day.