Change Makers Mentors

Helping you go from Seeker to Maker.

The promise of the Change Makers programme is to “make your mark, faster.” Mentoring is a highly effective way of helping you to do that. It’s a valuable resource of experience that you can tailor specifically for your development. In essence, working with a mentor will help you move faster along the curve, from Seeker to Player to Maker.

Change Makers mentors are all active members of the Change Makers community and have completed the Foundation programme. They’ve been specifically selected and trained as mentors because they have “walked the path” and uphold the following values:

  • They believe in making working life better for other people
  • They believe that diverse experiences and people are powerful catalysts for learning and growth
  • They believe that change-making is about channelling restlessness for a better future while accepting that who and where you are now is OK.
  • They believe that learning and growth happens in the sweet spot between safe and sh*t.

After your first workout, you get the opportunity to select a mentor to work with you throughout the programme (based on their availability).  To help with your decision here’s some information on our faculty.

You’ll find useful videos and resources on how to make the most of mentoring on the Change Makers Curriculum.


Katie Hair

Originally from Dunedin, I’ve spent several years overseas and settled in Wellington a couple of years ago.

I’m lucky enough to lead the People and Culture team at Manatu Taonga, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage – an organisation with a purpose and vision I feel genuinely connected to.

My background is in HR, learning and leadership development and my passion is helping people to grow and fulfil their potential. 

It’s amazing what can happen through the power of a great conversation and I’m looking forward to connecting : )




Jeremy Leslie

I love working with people who want to do something – anything! – that shifts them along in their journey.  I’ve worked with inspiring people flipping burgers, modelling play-doh, casting actors, and doing their bit to keep building Aotearoa (not all at once).
I’ve loved Change Makers for the challenge it’s made to keep me evolving. You’ll be asked to come with your big question – mine’s changed several times over a year and I expect it to keep changing over time.

My day job is working with individuals, teams and organisations where they want to ‘throw the ball out’ for stretching how they experiment with leadership, whether that’s coaching, group work or helping organisations with leadership initiatives.
Bring some purpose and restlessness and I’ll walk that path with you from there.


Colm Kearney

Originally from Ireland, I’ve gratefully called Wellington home since 2009. Career wise I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to experience a range of pretty interesting roles from a policy, strategy and design perspective, to team, project and programme leadership roles. I’d like to think I’ve got a good balance going on between the creative ideas side of things and the making it happen/execution side.

Throughout my career I’ve come to learn that to be better in life and work, we need to grow ourselves to be more resilient, empathetic and responsive.
I’m currently working for an innovation organisation, so on a daily basis I see how technology continues to rapidly reimagine our world. While such advancements are bringing a lot of change, I also feel that it comes with great opportunities for people to embrace the chance to grow as people, as leaders and as change makers themselves. I love getting the chance to work with folks with the mindset to make such positive change happen.




Tony Clark

I’m committed to working with people to overcome barriers and reach their potential. I came from a private sector strategy consulting background before weaving a path through a range of public sector roles including diplomat, science and innovation manager, strategy project manager in the Executive Wing, and policy director.

Mentoring through the Change Makers programme is a great opportunity to give back. My experience is that the journey inwards to become a better me has improved my journey outwards with others. Let’s talk if you are looking for change, or even if you are not sure what the next step is. We can figure it out.




Gillian Brookes

I’m originally from the UK and moved to New Zealand in 2011.  I’m permanently settled in Wellington with my young family.

I’m the Founder and Director of My Kids Village, a social enterprise I started in 2016.  I also work in the world of HR, which is my area of professional expertise.  My big question is “How do we make our economic systems more people focused?”  This is the thread that ties together the things I am really passionate about and drives where I put my energy.  I love mentoring people who want to scale up the impact and influence they can have in their world, whether that’s in work or their wider community.  I love watching the confidence grow as people surprise themselves at what they can achieve, when they’ve got the right support.



Jana Froehlich

Originally from Germany, I have lived and worked in different countries across the globe before I came to New Zealand in 2019. I am grateful to call Wellington my hometown since then. I have worked across the private and public sectors and am passionate about integrity and helping people to do the right thing.

 I was always curious and driven in life and want to learn from others. Change Makers was a breakthrough for me when I was stuck in my career.

As a mentor, I am committed to listening, empathy and guidance to bring out the best in people and to explore what is possible in life. If you are looking to be refreshed with honesty and being infected with drive, let’s chat.







Lisa Allen

I’m a seasoned Change Makers tribe member, behavioural geek and loud laugher.  As a mentor I’ll ask some tricky questions – I’m here to help you ‘nail’ what’s important to you and to ‘be in your corner’ in the minefield of professional life.  I’ll also encourage you keep a light-heartedness too; play –  it takes courage to experiment with new stuff.

Change Makers is a core part of my professional landscape – as a continuing explorer, experimenter and mentor.  I hail from a varied and evolving career, in recent years focussing on organisation and leadership development, coaching and change.  That‘s after doing everything from truck driving to behavioural analysis. I’ve been around the block a few times figuring out what I’m all about and what my big question is.

I look forward to pondering, growing and hanging with you more.


Chris McKeown

I’m passionate about working with people who want to bring out the best in themselves.  I have a drive to help us work out what we want to achieve and look at ways of helping us get there.

I’ve been fortunate to be in a number of senior leadership roles in my 23-year career in the energy business.  These roles have offered me the opportunity to learn from working with different types of teams/people and a range of stakeholders and communities in projects all around the world.

Change Makers has helped me hone and focus my abilities and has expanded my mind about all sorts of learning and thinking that I was not exposed to before.

I’m keen to help pass on what I’ve learned through mentoring others in the Change Makers Programme.  I hope to help you make sense of what you want to achieve and help you shine a light on the path forward to a future you want to see.



Jenny Brown

Originally a rough diamond from the depths of Africa and undergoing continuous chiselling by being relentlessly curious.

I’ve mostly worked in the people and capability space in a few different countries and have a strong background in coaching.

I became a mentor as igniting powerful insights in people and creating the space for them to shine gives me deep joy.

My true north is about belonging, and through mentoring, I am keen to contribute to this community of change-makers where belonging is business as usual.

Whether you have your Big Question nailed or not.  If you’re ready to be stretched (in a nice way 🙂 ) through powerful questions or a just wee nudge from time-to-time. Look yourself in the mirror, and if continuous learning is your first name (well, not quite) I’d love to be your mentor.





Jamie Shackleton

About 16 years ago, I moved here from the USA with the intention of only staying 3 months, and ever since I’ve been very privileged to be able to call Aotearoa home.

I have over 20 years of experience working in community, mental health and facilitation roles in both the public and NGO sector. I also lived in Tonga for 3 years and had a contract with the European Commission and Asian Development Bank to facilitate the start up of two new social services there, and I’ve worked closely with refugee background communities in Wellington.

Currently I am in my dream job of facilitating community-led development at City Housing at Wellington City Council, where I get to support tenant volunteers and community groups to build community in their own way. The role involves heaps of partnering and connecting people across the city who are passionate about sustainable, healthy and inclusive communities.

My big question is about helping people achieve their own goals (with a social justice focus), so mentoring fits quite naturally into my interests and priorities. The Change Makers programme has been instrumental in scaling up my impact towards my big question, so I’m really excited to be able to use the skills and tools that I’ve gained to be a mentor to walk alongside others and for me to keep growing.

If you think I might be a good fit for your CM journey I’d love to hear from you!

Antonia Milkop

I’ve been in NZ for 17 years now (originally from the UK) and have worked in a number of different roles in the public sector.  I now run my own practice – the joy I find in my work is supporting others in discovering their own potential and actually doing something about it – so that they are able to shine.

Change Makers has been a huge catalyst in giving me the courage to work on the things I love and discovering where I can make the most impact.

Being a Change Maker is a restless process and it’s awesome to have a mentor you trust who you can check-in with, someone who understands the process you’re going through, and recognises where you’re currently at. 

I’ll expect you to drive our relationship, and ‘ping’ me when you want to catch up.  I hope you can learn a lot from me and be encouraged by our conversations, and I know I’ll also learn a lot from your journey too. Having the right support is a game-changer in the change you’re wanting to make in the world.




Roxy Steel

Kia ora I am Roxy Steel, I live in Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington) with my husband, two children, three dogs and one cat. We enjoy getting outdoors and playing sports.

I have worked in Human Resources for over 10 years in both public and private sector. Employee experience and engagement is my expert and passion area. I help leaders and teams understand their current environment and identify what opportunities and enhancements they can make.

Coaching and mentoring is an area of passion for me. I have spent many years crafting my skills and researching tools and techniques to support individuals to achieve their goals and be the best versions of themselves.


Simon Blatchford

Originally from Canterbury I’ve now settled in Nelson with my wife and three small children.

I have a varied background across many parts of the education sector and have found myself in the public service at the Ministry of Education for the last 10 years where I’ve worked in both regional operations and national roles. Over the last 10 years I’ve really refined my focus on collaboration and partnership which changemakers has helped me crystallise. I believe that working in partnership can and will shape the future of the world that we live in. I love to look for innovative solutions to some of our big problems.

 As a mentor I’m committed to working with you discover and test the change that you want to make. I believe that mentoring is a two way street and that I’ll also learn a lot from you as well. If you interested in having some interesting conversations that challenge bot of our assumptions then let me know.