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May 2021:Changing The Game: Rewriting The Rules In Times of Disruption

We live our lives and run our organisations by rules. We often assume rules can’t be changed, when in fact in most cases they can. In fast-moving times, where decisions need to be made and experiments need to be run, we’re seeing that some rules that used to be inviolate are now up for negotiation. Disruptive times provide the perfect opportunity to examine, test, and rewrite rules that no longer serve us.

April 2021: Speaking Your Truth to Power

Our theme this month is ‘Connect With Your Conviction’. When you know what you stand for, and you pursue that every day, the world moves too.  In this months webinar, I asked three of our amazing change-makers, Karin Thomas, Fiona Robinson-Morey and Rob Pa’o to join in the conversation and share their perspectives on how they speak their truth to power.


March 2021: Building Purposeful Relationships

In this month’s CM community webinar, we look into growing your influence and impact by Building Purposeful Relationships. In other words, we’ll look at how you can develop a strong network in an authentic, mutually beneficial way.

Building Purposeful Relationship Webinar slides



November 2020: Lighten Up

“Hold tightly with an open palm,” is an idea that, on the face of it, might seem a little paradoxical. When we cultivate an approach to life that allows us to take the work seriously but not ourselves, all sorts of paths open up. This webinar looks at how to lighten up your approach to make it easier to make change happen.

Here’s handy a one-pager that you might like to refer to, Lighten Up Handout as well as the Lighten Up Webinar Slides




October 2020: Bringing Autonomy to Life with Jeremy Leslie

In this webinar we look at how to grow autonomy in organisations. Without someone generating some movement, the easier option is to stay with status quo, rely on hierarchy and leave the creative brilliance of our people buried under the weight of organisational life.

The main bit? What’s your role as a Change Maker in bringing autonomy to life through experiments in your organisation?

Check out the resources here!

Bringing Autonomy to Life Webinar Slides

CM Webinar Chat




September 2020: The Art of Timing

You might have the best ideas in the world, but they count for nothing if you don’t get your timing right. In this webinar, we look at the art of timing, including why timing matters, that there’s a time for everything, and how to make time for timing. Key point? Build your capacity before you need it so you can act when the time is right.

The Art of Timing- Change Makers Webinar Slides



July 2020: The Art of Influence

As Change Makers, we need to understand the art of influence. In this webinar, we get into:

  • What makes someone influential (beyond simply talent)
  • The difference between being persuasive and being truly influential
  • Practical ways to develop your ability to influence

The slides include some key tools and ideas, and we’ve also included an Influencing Preparation Template for you to use.



June 2020: Cathedral Projects

“If we operate from fiscal quarter to fiscal quarter, we build ugly shopping malls.” Stephen Nachmanovitch

In this webinar we expand our minds to new dimensions and explore what our Cathedral Project – something that we’re working on that we may not see completed in our lifetime – might be. As Olver Wendell Holmes says “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Cathedral Projects – Change Makers Webinar Slides




May 2020: What’s Working for You?

On this webinar, we hear from four different Change Makers about what they’re doing during lockdown that’s working for them, both personally and professionally. A whole range of rich insights and practical tips from Jeremy Leslie, Lisa Allen, Antonia Milkop and Jenny Brown-Zikic.

Thanks team!

What’s Working for You? Webinar Chat


April 2020: Carpe Diem- Seizing the Opportunity

Now is a great time to be a change-maker! Amidst the lockdown, there’s also a great ‘unlocking’ going on. We have opportunities now to shape and shift our world like never before. What does that look like to you? And how can you respond? In this webinar, we dig into these and other questions.




March 2020: Building Your Tribe

“No man is an island”, as the saying goes. You might have a great big question, and an exciting change agenda. But how do you get the word out? One key lever is to deliberately build your tribe. From active champions to interested observers, there are people who will be essential to you realising your vision. Our webinar explores why this is so important and how you can make that happen.




February 2020:  Intentionality

This month, we’re looking at the discipline of intentionality. Including why intention management and attention management are better concepts than time management, and how you can be deliberately intentional in four Change Making dimensions: Bringing, Belonging, Becoming and Being.


Four B’s Planning Template

The link to Michelle Obama’s Becoming Journal that Jenny talked about on the webinar.



November 2019: Working with Polarities

This In this month’s webinar, we focus on working with polarities. We’re often faced with the challenge of working two seemingly opposing ideas eg what’s best for the team vs best for the organisation? How do you successfully work with the tensions that naturally arise? How do you optimise outcomes when there is no right answer? This webinar provides insignts and process to use to help make the most of the polarities that we face every day as a Change Makers.

For more resources, check out:



September 2019: No Compromise

This month’s webinar explores the idea of No Compromise. It’s an essential ingredient for any Change Maker. How do you find the line between what to hold firm on and what to flex? What do you do when you’ve got two competing desires that are equally compelling? Dive in to find thoughts on these questions and more…


Change Makers Planner – Workout 12/09/2019


August 2019: Amplify

You can’t make change happen just through 1:1 relationships. You need ways of amplifying your message and mobilising people at scale. This month’s webinar is all about amplification: The challenges we face as change makers, and a range of idea for amplifying our message to the masses. Turn your volume up to 11 and enjoy!


July 2019: Your Brand

You already have a brand. Is it the one you want? In this webinar, it’s all about deliberately cultivating your reputation and brand to increase your influence as a change maker. We look at the importance of not just being known but known for something. And the power of asking five questions to calibrate what you think you’re known for vs how others experience you.

The five questions activity is outlined in more detail here

And the descriptive words for the activity sticky note activity are here.

May 2019: Lighten up 

Today’s topic is ‘lighten up’. The idea of holding both things just that little less tightly and a little more lightly. And, paradoxically you have more impact and less drama as a result. We explore the idea of combining clear intent with a few key principles to help you make decisions and look at four key dimensions in your life where you can be effective as a Change Maker when you lighten up. 


April 2019: Being with Difference

Our webinar today looks at what it takes to ‘be with difference’. As Change Makers, we’re inevitably going to rub up against people and culture that are different to us. Are they obstacles, or opportunities.

Knowing how to be with different is a fundamental change-making ability. We explore the situations that challenge us, our reactions to those and how to be effective when faced with difference.


February 2019: Changing The Rules

Today’s topic is Changing The Rules. Often we can assume some rules can’t be changed, when in fact they can if we’re smart about it. We explore the difference between immutable and invented rules and walk through a method for getting smart about how you change the rules that need changing.


January 2019: Conviction is your fuel

This month’s webinar is all about how to cultivate your conviction for making the change you want to see in the world. We dig into what conviction is, what grows it and what kills it. And explore five questions that will help us channel our conviction and make change happen.



November 2018: Unhurried

This month we have a conversation about what it means to be unhurried in a hurried world. We explore the tensions we experience and practical ideas to be ‘productively unhurried’.


October 2018: The Future of Work

Today’s webinar focused on aspects of the future of work. Our guest Nicky Jones led an engaging conversation that had us exploring, amongst other things, the mass ignorance we see around the impact global trends are likely to have on our workplaces and careers, whether we think critically enough when we adopt new technologies and ideas, and much, much more. Participants discussed a range of useful resources, which are listed here. Enjoy!


September 2018: Building on Credibility

This month’s webinar is on Building Credibility: what it is, why it’s important, and how to do it! It’s a rich conversation with a whole range of perspectives, including some useful hacks at the end.



July 2018: Tapping Into The Zeitgeist

One of the jobs of a Change Maker is to be able to see the forces at play that shape the world we’re in. It’s about tapping into the zeitgeist – the spirit of the times. This webinar explores this notion and what is means for you as a Change Maker.


June 2018: Change The Conversation

How do you have a richer, more meaningful conversation about creating the world you want to see? This webinar explores the challenges and ideas around making that happen.



May 2018: Strategic Questions

Today we take a look at the power of strategic questions as a Change Making tool, and a model to structure how you ask questions that get ‘beneath the surface’



April 2018: The Big Issue

Today we’re looking at big thinkers and how they think about making change on big issues. In particular, we dive into the mind of Elon Musk and dissect his way of thinking and look at how it can apply to anyone wanting to make change happen.



February 2018: Insights on being a Change Maker

Oops!  Didn’t realise we weren’t recording until near the end of the webinar.



January 2018:  Overcoming Fear

This webinar focuses on fear: we all have it. It’s how we deal with it that counts.   How does fear arise? And what we can do to overcome it so we can stop it from dwarfing our courage?  When we manage fear well, we can get on with creating the change we want to see in the world.  All that and more in this exciting webinar!


November 2017: Simplicity

This webinar focuses on how Change Makers become more effective by cutting through the BS to get to the essence of an issue. It’s about the art of simplicity.



September 2017: How To See

This webinar focuses on how to see the bigger picture, identify the patterns at play that others don’t yet see, and effect change through making useful connections across disparate people and ideas.



August 2017: Lead With Questions

This webinar focuses on the power of leading with questions, and how to use questions to raise awareness and generate change.



July 2017: Networked Leadership

This webinar focuses on how to cultivate the network you need to be an effective change maker.