Welcome to Conversations That Matter

Better Conversations, Better Outcomes.


Welcome to Conversations That Matter!

The Conversations That Matter programme is designed for you to grow and hone the skills you require to engage in meaningful conversations to get the best from your people.  It provides you with a systematic, commonsense approach that promotes self-responsibility and understanding, leading to increased ownership and initiative. Once learned, this approach can become an integral part of the way you relate to your people.


As a result of attending Conversations That Matter, you can expect to be more capable and confident to:

  • Engage in conversations and relationships with your people that generate self-responsibility, accountability and initiative·
  • Set effective goals for yourself and your people that align with both organisational and personal objectives·
  • Provide feedback in a timely and effective manner
  • Manage “difficult conversations” more effectively



To help maximise your chances of getting the most from the programme, please complete the following short activities before we meet:

  1. Think of three things that contribute to making any conversation work really well. For example, the ability to listen well might be a contributing factor.
  2. Identify the question that you most want this programme to help you answer. For example “how do I give effective feedback more effectively?” is a common question.
  3. Read the article ‘Shine a Light’
  4. Click, download, print, and have handy Question Options and the Five Levels of Intention handouts.

That’s it!  Please come to the workshop prepared to share and discuss your thoughts.

If you want to find out a bit more about what you’re in for, check out this short clip:



Looking forward to seeing you soon.