DIA – Your Coaches

Supporting Your Leadership.

Below are your choice of coaches.  I have carefully chosen these exceptional practitioners to support your leadership during the Covid19 crisis.



Alex Smith
The Problems I help Solve:
  • The isolation of leadership
  • Top teams where interpersonal tensions and lack of alignment diminish collective performance
  • Top leaders overburdened by stuff middle leaders should really be leading
  • Leaders navigating complexity and uncertainty
  • How to get all members of an organisation to take/share responsibility and leadership regardless of status


 My Sweet Spot Work:
  • Leadership development with individuals or teams who are really committed to improving their leadership and paying attention to the part they play in creating the reality they and others experience.
  • Working with Leaders and teams over time to create the habits, capacity and disciplines to excel.
  • Working with leaders to create the conditions for their organisations to truly flourish.



Karen Waitt
The Problems I help Solve:
  • I help new leaders get their head around their role and effectively manage people in a practical way.
  • I coach people, especially women, to change their beliefs and mindset from limiting to flourishing.
  • I help people to understand themselves and pursue their potential
My Sweet Spot Work:
  • Leadership coaching and facilitation, especially with frontline and new leaders.
  • Working with women to help them be their best, particularly around developing useful beliefs about themselves and the world around them.
  • Giving people the skills and confidence to have grea conversations that make a difference in their relationships

Ali Tocker
The Problems I help Solve:

Developing practical solutions and ideas that you can put into action. I help people think about the situation as a whole and provide perspective and focus on the options. I work with people to find a bigger sense of what they can do.

My Sweet Spot Work:

Executive coaching, large group facilitation and emerging leaders – working with people who are excited about developing and learning. Helping people to think about a bigger picture and how they can influence and lead from wherever they are.

Sarah Tocker
The Problems I help Solve:

I’m useful in complex or tough situations – conversations that need to happen; courageous stands that need to be taken, multi-angle issues and getting under the overt issues to work on the gnarly bits – at an individual, team and organisational level. I’ll help you figure out how to get out of overwhelm and into action.

My Sweet Spot Work:

Moments of liminality – helping people, teams and organisations shift from what is to what can be. Supporting people to have conversations that are important and uncomfortable.  System – level change. I love working with people who are interested in making big decisions. I also spend time thinking about how we create space at the table for the people who may not have access to it.


Adam Cooper
The Problems I help Solve:

I help leaders who want to:

  • Re-set or transition their teams or organisations.
  • Develop new capacities in themselves or in their teams.
  • Grow cultures that demonstrate creativity, innovation and collaboration.

My Sweet Spot Work:

I do my best work with people who want to learn and are prepared to challenge the status quo. I love to:

  • Coach individuals and teams as they grapple with what it means to work across boundaries and cultures.
  • Facilitate events and processes that generate learning.
  • Work with cross-functional teams as they tackle complex change.