When Cultures Meet Workshop

Creating effective, unified inclusive workplaces



Research and practice tell us that operating well in diverse cultures is a key differentiator for those who succeed.

When Cultures Meet Workshop is a half-day experiential workshop exploring how to effectively navigate the meeting of different cultures so that effective integration and inclusion can be achieved utilising the capabilities and contributions of all diverse partners.

This is relevant when organisations come together, business units merge, our community becomes increasingly diverse, and we find a need to work more effectively together.

You can find out more about When Cultures Meet Workshop here.


Book your place at the next When Cultures Meet Workshop (Wellington):

Date:  16th March 2022

Time: 8:45am – 1pm

Cost:  $250 + GST  (per person)


Or email Belinda@digbyscott.com if you’d prefer to be invoiced.

This workshop is about:

Bringing together diverse cultures, and capitalising on the various gifts each brings, is the key to creating healthy, durable organisations and communities. Yet the meeting of diverse cultures too often results in destructive conflicts, unresolved issues, the suppression of one culture by another, WE versus THEM attitudes, wasted energies, and lost possibilities.

This workshop clarifies the deep emotional issues that come into play as cultures meet, the challenges faced by all parties. When Cultures Meet offers no simplified answers to these challenging processes, but it does provide a deep emotional understanding of the personal challenges involved and a framework for creating robust human systems that capitalise on the unique capabilities and contributions of its diverse partners.


Participants come away with:
  • A deeper understanding of the personal issues involved in the meeting of two or more workplace cultures
  • Practical ideas on how everyone can function effectively in that process
  • An appreciation for the value of organisational cultures differing from their own
  • A recognition of the implications of being “dominant” and “other”
  • A practical framework for developing a vibrant organisation and a new uniformed, inclusive culture


When Cultures Meet Workshops’ broad application has made it a core element of the Accelerate: Strategic leadership development programme.  To learn more about the Accelerate: Strategic programme click here.