The Other is Human

    Yesterday morning I arrived back in Wellington after a sleep-deprived, red-eye flight from Perth. As the kids and I meandered our way into the airport’s multi-story car park, a lady kindly held the lift door open for us so we could jump in, rather than wait for the next one. She and I […]

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People Leadership for the Long Haul

A few months back, as New Zealand was entering lockdown for the first time, I ran a set of webinars to support leaders and their people to navigate a brave new world of work. One of the most popular webinars was called “Remote Doesn’t Have To Mean Remote”, which I led with my colleague and […]

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Mr Pies & Fries

Down the road from my place there’s a takeaway shop called “Mr Pies & Fries.” I’ve never been in there, yet it always grabs my attention. Not because the sign is anything special. It’s because I know exactly what I’m going to get when I do go in there. There’s nothing ambiguous about it. If […]

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