Marry Your Builder to Your Architect.

A couple of weeks ago, at our most recent Change Makers workout, our guest speaker lobbed an interesting question to us: “Are you a Builder, or an Architect?” She was referencing The Lego Movie. In Lego society, most people are Builders. The Builders follow the rules, do what’s asked of them, and are good citizens. […]

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Desire Versus Fear

We all harbor two things: A desire to be significant Fears about our ability to be significant These two things compete for our attention all the time. Which one do we listen to? The desire, or the fear? Our desire to be significant is…significant. We want to be seen. We want to matter. As we’ve […]

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Where Are You On The Career Curve?

Whenever I’m working with leaders on their development, I find it useful to get a sense of where they are on the ‘career curve’. This helps us make sense of their context, and identify the most effective strategies that will help them keep moving forward. Here’s how I think about it:     This is […]

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