Wellbeing Reframed

Are you hearing a lot about ‘wellbeing’ at the moment? It is the flavour of the month or a fundamental strategy? I had conversations with two different client organisations last week, both centring on wellbeing. Their two lenses couldn’t have been more different. For one client, their wellbeing agenda was a list of activities that […]

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Ants and Systems Thinking

I remember being at school – I think I must have been about six years old – when a friend, David, suggested we follow a line of ants on the ground to see where they led to. So we started off. I picked one ant and followed it as it slowly wended its way across […]

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Three Things I Learned From James Clear.

Last week, I was lucky enough to listen to and meet James Clear, author of Atomic Habits. The book’s become a global phenomenon. He joined us at Thought Leaders Business School in Sydney to share some of the core ideas in his book. Here are three messages from James that stuck with me. And I […]

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