Welcome To Change Makers

It’s great to have you as part of the tribe.

To ensure you hit the ground running at your first workout, it’s important that you first invest some time and thought on a few aspects of your Change Makers agenda. There are a number of activities that you’ll need to complete before you come to your first workout.

Start by watching the welcome video below.




The Deal:

Here’s the deal. You’ll lean in, and we’ll support you.


You can find more information about some of these elements below.


Change Makers Curriculum:

This is where you start your Change Makers journey.  We run a ‘flipped classroom’ model where you learn the core content and frameworks in your own time. And when we get together, we go deeper into the ideas and focus on applying them to your own change agenda.

The Change Makers Curriculum provides you with the tools, frames and ideas that are at the core of being an effective change-maker.  It’s a rich resource that you can access as often as you like. The Curriculum is accessed via our online learning platform.  You should have received an email with a password and link granting you access to the curriculum.  Please contact us if you are having any access issues.

Before your first workout, we recommend you complete some specific modules on the curriculum. You’ll find out more about that on our Introduction to Change Makers section on the Curriculum.

There’s a fair bit to do here, we suggest setting aside a total of 7.5 hours, which is best done over a number of sittings. Plan ahead, and you’ll be fine!

To help you navigate the Change Makers Curriculum you can use our Curriculum Map (below). This lets you know which order the modules need to be completed and the time it’ll take you to do that.



In addition to doing the Curriculum, it’s best that you’ve read the book Change Makers: how to make your mark with more impact and less drama before your first workout. This helps you get your head around what it takes for you to make change happen, and introduces you to some of the core concepts in the programme. You will receive a copy in the post, and you can download a PDF version here


Here’s some more information about the programme.


Approximately every 6 weeks we meet as a group for a full day of intensive learning, critiquing and planning in what we call ‘workouts’ (because it’s like going to the gym for your mind and spirit).

To give you more of an idea of what happens at these workouts, click here to see a standard agenda.



Between Workouts:

We keep your momentum going through a number of useful activities, including:

  • Interactive webinars on a change-making theme. These webinars are a great opportunity to keep connected and top up your thinking between workouts. All webinars are recorded and you can access them in our Webinar Library here.
  • Homegroup sessions, where you check-in with your colleagues to provide both coaching support and accountability.
  • Elective sessions are designed to help you boost your skills and keep momentum in short, practical sessions between your workouts. These are open to all tribe members. 


An important element of this programme is having a mentor to assist you on your change-making journey.  After your first workout, you get the opportunity to select a mentor to work with you throughout the programme (based on their availability).  To help with your decision click here to view mentor profiles.

You’ll find useful videos and resources on how to make the most of mentoring on the Change Makers Curriculum.

Remember, if you have any questions drop Belinda a line.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the workout!